Friday, March 27, 2020

Free Webinar Series - Self-Grading Tests/Quizzes using Google Classroom & Forms

Free Webinar Series - Self-Grading Tests/Quizzes using Google Classroom & Forms

Our second session will be held on March 31st, at 4:00 pm. Rob Zdrojewski, Canisius Ed Tech Professor and Oakfield-Alabama School District Technology Director, will host a session on using Google tools to grade assessments outside of the classroom. 

Self-Grading Tests/Quizzes using Google Classroom & Forms

Attention all teachers:  Wouldn't it be great if your quizzes and tests could score themselves?  Are you looking for a way to assess your students and give feedback online if you are unable to teach them in a face-to-face setting? Wouldn't your students appreciate knowing their test results upon completion?  Wouldn't it be great to finally retire that old scantron machine and eliminate bubble sheets and #2 pencils?  Now you can, for free!  Learn how teachers in 2020 are leveraging Google Classroom and Forms to evaluate students and provide in the moment feedback. Join us to see what features may be a good fit for your classroom too!

Please use this link to register for the webinar.

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About the Education Technologies and Emerging Media Program at Canisius College: The Education Technologies and Emerging Media Programs are innovative and fully online. The Master's Degree program is designed to prepare classroom teachers for New York State (NYS) certification as an Educational Technology Specialist (grades PreK-12). A degree option is also available for students not interested in NYS certification. These courses also prepare students to take the Google Certified Education Level 1/Level 2 and Flipped Learning Level 1/Level 2 Certification exams. This program is perfect for K-12 teachers who already have their initial certification in their content area and are seeking professional certification. Students focus on the purposeful use of technology for teaching and learning with a major emphasis on the application of technologies for content literacy.