Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Using Zaption to Increase Student Engagement by Nick Glade

A "Showcase and Share" final project submitted by Nick Glade in EDT 505 at Canisius College.

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How Cuneiform Developed in Mesopotamia

My students had already completed traditional hands on project making a replica of some important ancient Mesopotamian cultural artifact using paper, pencil, glue, paint or other physical material. For various reasons I saw that my special education students did not tend to succeed in obtaining this particular lesson goals. So I looked for a way to differentiate this lesson using computer technology. I decided to use Zaption to differentiate the lesson, playing to my student’s strengths. My students learned how the ancient Mesopotamian civilization developed a system of writing called cuneiform. 

For this lesson students needed to be able to:
1. Reference specific artifacts to illustrate how writing was possible
2. Explain how cuneiform writing evolved in ancient Mesopotamia
3. Describe why the cuneiform writing system was important to the Mesopotamian civilization

To do this the students created a Zaption account and searched for videos that would deliver all the information needed to satisfy the student learning goals. They generally had to study and view at least 10 videos from various sites such as Zaption Gallery, TeacherTube or YouTube. They obtained much more information then what the student goals were asking for in their attempt to find the “just right” video that suited there tastes and requirements. Then they had to upload their video to Zaption and watch the Zaption getting started video. They worked collaboratively in teams to insert appropriate questions, published their video and presented it to visiting students from other classes alongside the general education students. 

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