Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Using Socrative for Common Core Close Reading

Josh Sobilo posted this terrific use of Socrative in an elementary classroom. Check out how he uses the print function in Scorative to create an assessment for a substitute teacher.  The example is from a post from EDT 503 (Emerging Education Technologies). This post was part of an assignment that focused on technology tools for Common Core Close Reading.

I chose to use Socrative because it is a great resource that is very customization. There are many different options for the teacher to utilize and I think the students find it rather enjoyable. The teacher can use it for an assessment, group work, and a communication tool. The possibilities are endless and by being able to create your own quizzes the teacher can focus on the aspects where the students are struggling. The close reading passage I chose would be used in a first grade classroom and it would be taught during an ELA lesson. The quiz I created would be taken on iPad's in the classroom and the questions and data would be gone over as a class after finishing the 8 questions provided. Socrative is a great tool that allows the teacher to do whatever he or she wants and is very student friendly. 

The students will log into
Next they will enter in the specific code that was created for this quiz. 
After the students have completed their quiz I will show the results on the board and go over each question and explain the answers.

The close reading that I chose is called “Rain helps our land”.
Rain helps our land. But too much rain can cause a flood. A flood happens when a lot of water rises and moves onto land. The water can go into houses and other buildings. Floods can happen near rivers and oceans. Big storms can quickly cause floods. People must leave places where the water is high. Some people must go in boats. They must go to a safe place.

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