Thursday, March 10, 2016

Technology Tools in the Pre-Kindergarten Classroom by Chloe Opp

A "Showcase and Share" Final Project submitted by Chloe Opp in EDT 505 at Canisius College.

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I observed a Pre- Kindergarten class at a Buffalo Public School on the West Side. This is the school and teacher with whom I completed my student teaching this past fall. While completing my student teaching, I realized the serious lack of technology available to students. I saw this as something that could be beneficial to learn more about- therefore I created a documentary- style video about technology the classroom has, how it functions, and what could be improved. Throughout this journey and this course I learned about how important it is for students to have access to working technology and the serious impact it can have on their educational lives. Technology is our future and there is no sense in not implementing it as much as possible in all classrooms. 

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