Sunday, March 1, 2015

WebQuest in Social Studies Class by Teegan Pearson

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Final project in EDT 505 submitted by Teegan Pearson

I observed a Social Studies class at Spencerport Central School District, specifically Cosgrove Middle School. The students were working on a mini unit about the Titanic as a crossover from their Literacy class. The students were about to being reading the book S.O.S Titanic by Eve Bunting in their literacy course. I decided to create a Webquest lesson with the Social Studies class because I wanted to create a curriculum crossover lesson. I decided to create this Webquest because I wanted a lesson that could be completed in class or as at home. The lesson that I created was “The Sinking of an Unsinkable Ship”. I created a write up that gave detailed information on the assignment that was handed out and reviewed during class time. This information packet gave important information on the assignment as well as websites that the students could use as a springboard for their research.

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