Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Using the Mobi Slate in Trigonometry Class by Sean Tanner

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Submitted final project for EDT 505 by Sean Tanner

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the 21st century classroom. With the big push of schools to prepare their students to be college and career ready, incorporating technology into the classroom is a must. However, there are still teachers out there who may not always feel comfortable with using technology and rely on their tried and true methods of presenting the curriculum.

This lesson on trigonometry aimed to show a quick and easy way for teachers to get their feet wet with experimenting in educational technologies. The key feature of this lesson was the use of the MOBI or smart slate. With this tool, the teacher no longer has to be tethered to the front of the classroom in order to record the notes for the lesson. This type of mobile blackboard allows the teacher to record and display classroom notes from anywhere in the classroom.

One of the great features of this technology is that it allows the teacher to be in close proximity to whoever they feel requires a little push to get back on task. If the teacher sees a student in the back corner looking out of the window, they can casually walk over and redirect the student without ever drawing attention to that student. You can even take this piece of educational technology to the next level by allowing students to record answers to questions right on the MOBI. There is always that inner child in the students that gets them excited about using cool new tools!

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