Friday, March 6, 2015

Producing Digital Media Political Campaigns by Riley Stepnick

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Final project for EDT 505 submitted by Riley Stepnick

In this lesson, the students were given the name of a candidate running for major political office. Then, the students were to adopt those traits and create a campaign for themselves, running on their chosen candidate’s platform. The students were broken into groups by political party for collaborative purposes.

The goal was to use their iPads to research the candidate, write and present a speech that presented the candidate’s platform, produce an ad for television or web advertising the candidate, and then use Schoology’s polling feature to vote for the winner of the class election.

The students had an excellent opportunity to explore the impact of digital media on political campaigns. We discussed what is necessary to make a successful speech (sound bytes, dress, etc.) and what goes into making a political ad memorable. The students reached the conclusion that a candidate’s digital marketing is just as important as their platform.

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