Thursday, January 16, 2014

Educational Technology Podcast: Chalkstar to Rockstar!

Chalkstar to Rockstar is a regular podcast series published by TechSmith Education that focuses on Educational Technology topics.  Canisius College Professors Dr. Ron Kotlik and Mr. Rob Zdrojewski of the Online Education Technologies and Emerging Media Program were honored to be interviewed on two recent episodes:

Episode #18: Do We Need Content Experts
Episode #19: Changing How We Teach Teachers

In both episodes, we discuss the evolving roles of the classroom teacher as both content specialty experts and facilitators of learning.  While using technology itself isn't a guarantee of improved academic performance, we ponder how emerging digital tools can and often do engage students and change the landscape of our K-12 classrooms.

Besides teaching online graduate courses at Canisius, Dr. Kotlik is a Social Studies Teacher at Clarence High School in Clarence, New York.  Rob Zdrojewski is a Technology Education Teacher at Amherst Middle School in Amherst, New York.

Learn more about the fully-online Education Technology and Emerging Media Graduate Program at Canisius College, which awards New York State Certification as an Educational Technology Specialist at: